Association “SEAROCK” is a non-governmental organization whose activities are related to the development and promotion of creative work in the field of recognition of alternative music.

Howe Gelb Mark LaneganStray Dogg

Rock n Roll is indeed alive. We deeply believe in it, and through our activities and program orientations we will try to show the Montenegrin society that rock music has loyal and dedicated representatives in our non-governmental organization.Searock is a project that will not make bad deals with the current trends in music. We are interested in promoting a real rock, which can be achieved only with the involvement of trusted names in this field. Only in this way, offering quality, we are sure that it can reach true admirers and contribute that many people become ‘addicted’ to music which is not available to them daily as a ‘live’ music. And all this in a well arranged place such as a summer stage in the old town of Kotor.